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Ibanez WH10 Wah

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  • AllroyPA
    Alright got here today 2 day ship was a day and a half from NewJoisey. The pedal is more "modern" than the DlpCryBaby (Which is the other I have), not a classic wah sound, a little more edgey. The sound is good but does have a different feel. The on off switch can be heard partially depressing during operation which if you were recording in the vicinity of a directional mic (say you mic'd you amp) I think operation may be picked up by the directional mic; if you're going straight into digital it would'nt matter.
    Pros: Metal casing; updated wah sound; depth knob for adjusting the frequencies; can be used for guitar or bass and there's a switch to select which one; extra output dry signal
    1. In opertion it you can hear the switch depressing on a down toe which can be somewhat distracting at bedroom volume
    2. The pitch of the pedal board is different from a traditional wah like CryBaby
    ~See here the pitch is taller in the heel position

    ~The CryBaby also rides out flatter

    3. I had an issue where the toe pad (on the top left below) was so firm I could not depress far enough to click the switch on and off(even with a firm step). So I put a little pool-cue type tip on the depresser you can see it in green here works better (rather than a return and exchange)

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  • AllroyPA
    started a topic Ibanez WH10 Wah

    Ibanez WH10 Wah

    I just ordered the re-release of the classic wah used by Frusciante for his signiture wah sound : ]