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SeymourDuncan TwinTube Classic Overdrive

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  • SeymourDuncan TwinTube Classic Overdrive

    Yea ... I got to demo this pedal for awhile before I ship it to a friend overseas. Two channels Rhythm and Lead. On bypass has a Bass/Treble filter. Then kick on and two channels. Excellent tube-preamp that sounds better than I expected. Think Peal Jam. I highly recommend this pedal. Read the reviews !
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    I bought one of these about a year to eighteen months ago. It's a very good unit, I find the rhythm channel to have a better tone than the lead channel. I actually use it as a clean boost in front of my Blues Junior, as it's all valve it gives a very warm fat tone. It is a very big pedal though and the power supply is proprietary so if it breaks it will be awkward to replace. I also found that in combination with my pedal boards power supply it produced a nasty ground loop buzz that would not go away, the only solution was to run the other pedals on batteries.

    It does have an excellent tone though, very thick, creamy and saturated.

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      i bought a "NIB" twin tube mayhem off ebay awhile back and returned it because the volume knob was acting up, it sounded amazing though, just not what i was looking for, i prefered the tone of my digitech death metal pedal
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