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Your house is on fire, what do you do?

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  • Your house is on fire, what do you do?

    You can only save two of your guitars....what do you grab?

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    my 1981 Charvel Pre-Pro and 1988 Jackson Tele...



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      '84 Tokai BreezySound
      '09 Tokai TJ98

      how about you Jesse?
      as if I can't guess...
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      va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
      Originally posted by chilton
      Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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        '96 Fender Strat
        '87 Jap Strat
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          '97 jap strat (irreplaceable)
          '2000 mexi strat (first guitar, truly irreplaceable)

          my kramers would survive the fire
          Originally posted by metalchurch
          I had my ball sack appraised one time.
          Originally posted by metalchurch
          ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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            My 1981 Ibanez AR100AVL
            and my Rose Strat Replica (First guitar)

            Then I would return for my wife and kids! LOL!!
            "NO, I don't build left handed guitars! I think left handed people are freaks and should not even play the guitar."

            Words by a famous luthier when asked by me for a custom left handed instrument quote.

            "Great man, you are brilliant! So your stupid ass thinks that Hendrix should have never played the guitar?!"

            My reply.


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              This is a very hard question, but I know #1 would be my white RG550 since it is a custom job and can't be replaced. I want to say the N4 is the other one, but I can get another one relatively easy. Probably #2 would be my Warlock since I've never seen another before.


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                My RIC 360:

                and my '62 CIJ RI Strat:

                Then I would send the kids back in for the rest..... JK