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    I've got a WHACKLOAD of stubs from shows I've been going to since I was a young teen.
    I'll post this one cause it's the only one with autographs on it....although, I do have one from 1985 Ride the Lightning tour Metallica with WASP and Armoured Saint...yes Cliff was still alive and smoking bass solos!..

    This have Fritz from Helix, a Canadian bands auto on the front, he was at the show, and Tom Araya from Slayers auto on the back..we met them after the show and got to talk with them....pretty funny, Tom and Hanneman were picking on the fellas from WASP, especially Jonny him SERIOUS
    Not really sure why we didn't get any other autos that night, we got to talk to Slayer for at least half and hour and had a beer right on the street curb by the tour bus...ahh...young kids,


    back Tom Araya auto

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    I have every ticket stub since my first Poison Concert in 1989, most of the movie tickets too from 6th grade onward. I love going through them.