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What do lefty players drive ?

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  • What do lefty players drive ?

    What did you ask for amimbari ?
    PS I am stone free ... maybe not by choice ...
    My wheels '08 Mazda3 in Pearl White
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    not mine, but same exact car with the same modifications. I, too, am not a stoner...that was a really weird accusation my amimbari (as was him telling me I am incapable of thinking for myself).

    I also have a:

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      Was just razzing, Jesse ... sarcasm good.
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        Originally posted by AllroyPA View Post
        Was just razzing, Jesse ... sarcasm good.
        haha not you, in the other thread


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          Originally posted by Jesse View Post
          haha not you, in the other thread
          I know, I was referring to that.
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            This is not at my home...
            Not in the habit of taking pics of my car so this'll have to do.
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            va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
            Originally posted by chilton
            Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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              The every day driver:

              Sorry no pics, it's an '09 or '10 (I'm not sure) Mazda 6. Great car

              Just picked it up not to long ago. I had a great Volvo S60 but the nearest dealer was 45 minutes away....then they closed. Now the nearest dealer is over an hour away. It was a bitch just to get the oil changed.

              The weekender for be bopping around town:
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                Yea, mazdadaddy ~!
                Poor olav and all thet snow !
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                  here's my ride:

                  it needs a wash, but i'm unemployed

                  1991 nissan sentra se-r
                  no power door locks, no power windows, no sunroof, no a/c
                  motor is swapped with an sr20det from a jdm pulsar gti-r
                  17's with z rated falkens
                  brembo brakes and axxis metal master pads
                  kyb struts
                  energy suspension bushings and motor mounts
                  lightened harmonic balancer
                  greddy style muffler
                  custom downpipe
                  godspeed intercooler
                  stage 1 competition clutch
                  strut tower brace

                  ...i'm probably forgetting something here...

                  sound system: infinity 6 1/2's in the front and infinity 6x9's in the rear, kenwood 1600 watt amp and 1200 watt kenwood 12 in a ported box

                  car weighs about 2100 pounds, i've smoked a good share of rides in it, before the motor swap i smoked a stock sti, a bmw m coupe, and a civic with a b16, cams, and nitrous. since the swap i've smoked a porsche cayman, an is350, a 350z with intake and exhaust, a v6 hyundai genesis coupe, a mustang gt with cams and a catback system, and a stock e46 m3.
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                  Originally posted by metalchurch
                  I had my ball sack appraised one time.
                  Originally posted by metalchurch
                  ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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                    I loved those SE-r's, great car and yours seems badass.


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                      I'm not into taking too many pics of the cars either but --- ok Jess, here's some DaytonaPorn for you.
                      the one in the garage in my videos is this one:
                      91 Daytona Shelby still got it....

                      87 Daytona Shelby-Z still got it....

                      and I also had a T top 85 - gone

                      and a 85 non t-top turbo-Z, and a white 86 Turbo-z C/S - both gone
                      shit you can only put 4 images per post --that fukking sucks.

                      and now a days among the other "daily drivers I have had, here's the one that weathered this years winter:

                      96 Honda Accord - still got it with a170k on the odometer, and still runs perfectly:

                      Resident Charvel/Jackson Freak



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                        T-top daytona, wow I always loved those. That shelby looks to be in great condition too. Thanks dude!


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                          thanks Jess, ya a few old cars to match all the 80's guitars I have over here...
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                            my jeep grand cherokee...
                            GOOD DEALING WITH ARROWHEAD.


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                              where in PA do you live coolwaver...I see that PA inspection sticker
                              Resident Charvel/Jackson Freak