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  • Would this work?

    I just had a random idea to finish a guitar be covering it with newspaper clipping (top, bottom and sides) and then clear coating it. I know you could take a solid piece of cloth or something and put it on the top, but I was wondering if the overlapping clippings would be a problem, or the fact they would be on the sides. Thanks!

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    There is a tutorial on stuff like this that I can go get for you, if you'd like. Putting newspaper on a guitar as a finish is just like cloth. No problem.


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      What would that do to the TONE of the guitar
      seems it would dampen the sound kinda like muteing a string?


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        I've seen it done on a couple of sites. Some who've tried it were not real happy with smoothness of the finish. But it looks cool. But if you're good with lacquer maybe you would'nt have the same issue.
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          I think some care would be needed in the finishing portion for this. A fine grit with orbital sander/buffer would probably do the trick to smooth it out.