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  • Down the rabbit hole I go

    Alright, since I can't go out drinking I've been focusing my energy towards learning DAW's, VST's and all that crap. Along the way I couldn't help but avoid learning about AMP SIMS.

    Damn, there's a lot. First I started using Amplitude and using the demo versions of their ENGL, Soldano, Peavey 5150 and Mesa Amps. They're all simultaneously good and bad. The problem is, at $35 a pop I'm not just going to buy them all so now I'm A/B testing for 72 hours and losing my mind. Then, upon further review I learn about BIAS which supposedly kicks the shit out of all that. I haven't even gotten to that point yet.

    THEN, I learn that there are about 5,000,000 free VST amp sims that are reportedly just as good as the paid ones.

    Ho-ly shit, talk about overwhelming. It's like I discovered America.

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    I figured out how to post pictures!

    God speed good Sir.
    We're non-profit.
    Hey, are you gonna eat that?


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      I have a ton of amp sims and I record on the side so the best piece of advice I can give is this:

      If you’re looking to toy around, jam and practice: Bias FX (1 or 2, but i think 2 sounds awful).

      If you’re looking to recording: FORTIN Nameless or NTS / STL Emissary (with third party IRs).


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        I only have Bias FX 1, and while I haven't used it much, I have been impressed with it. Loads better than the stupid Line 6 Gearbox crap I was using before that came with my Pod X3 haha. I use the Bias FX with Reaper as my DAW.


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          I used BIAS FX a while, and recently switched to Helix Native. I really like using the Helix but it’s kind of pricey. Lots of tutorials for both of those on YouTube.