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  • Need a custom Lefty instrument?

    Hey guys new here to this forum, but I am an old lefty guitarist. I have been building and repairing guitars since 1993. I am currently working on a Jerry Garcia tribute guitar with a Warmoth body and neck. This will be the last guitar that I outsource parts for. My shop is now set up to machine all aspects of guitars and their components. Yes I can build necks on my own now, and since I have a couple of templates (my guitars) I can offer a few different body choices.

    I am trying to make this my full time job so I don't have to slave for someone else for a paycheck and a "I don't think it's working out" speech down the road..... So if you are interested in a custom guitar, let me know I would be happy to build one for you.

    Coming up here once spring is here I will be building 6 Jerry Garcia tribute guitars. 3 lefties and 3 righties. One of the righties is spoken for a local musician wants a "gibson-esque" Jerry. Other than the shape, everyhing else on these guitars will be customer specified. All neck through semi hollow bodies built out of Walnut as I have a bunch of walnut here at the shop. I have to wait till the spring as my motorcycle and two of my buddies motorcycles are parked right smack dab in the middle of my workshop. When it warms up we move them to the garage so I can have my workshop back, and normally this is the slow period for me. My shop is also a custom cabinet shop, so I can build you custom kitchen cabinets or speaker cabinets or a guitar case if you need one. I also do effects pedal boards and rack mount cabinets. Wooden back covers and wooden pickguards are possible if I have a template. I can machine almost anything out of wood your imiganiation is the limit on what I can do. I just like to cater to the lefties, as there isn't a company out there that specializes in left handed guitars and actually charges more for a right handed instrument, except me.

    I know this is my first post and I apologize about the blatent promotion of my services, but I just wanted to let all the cyber lefties that there is someone out there that wants to build you a guitar and specializes in catering to left handed guitarists.

    So to all my new friends, keep truckin like the doodah man. Keep reading upside down tab and always remember that we are in fact in our right minds...... Let me know if you want a custom affordable guitar, I need the money and you need the guitar!!!!!

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    id like to see what shapes you offer.
    kinda interested, but some pics of quality would help


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      klanch, check yr inbox
      va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
      Originally posted by chilton
      Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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        Originally posted by TheHeroCycle View Post
        id like to see what shapes you offer.
        kinda interested, but some pics of quality would help
        Pictures will be forthcoming this week. Stay tuned.


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          while I wait...dotdotdot
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            Whats the going rate for a custom guitar?

            I am looking for a Quilted top LP in black.

            Lefty of course


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              Just cause I'm curious: which of Garcia's guitars are those a tribute to? Because I know the tiger wasn't a semi-hollow, and I know the wolf wasn't either.

              And, good! Doesn't it feel great when you're not tied down by overpriced companies anymore? I love that feeling. It's also great to be able to get any guitar you want in a lefty model.

              BYTHEWAY: there is another company that charges more for right-handed guitars. Southpaw Guitars out of Texas, if I'm not mistaken, mainly sells lefties. They charge extra if you want a righty from them.
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