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  • My current project

    I think I am going to attempt to make a replica of the YJM Strat. My base guitar is a Squier Pro Tone that I have had for years (great guitar, btw). The guitar is the one pictures in my gallery on the main site

    I will check the 'bay for Dimarzio HS-3 pups and YJM's. I feel like I have 2 choices for the neck, Warmoth or USA Customs. I feel like Warmoth has better neck profile options, but their largest frets are Dunlop 6100 (YJM has 6000 railroad ties). Has anyone had experience with both companies?

    As to the headstock waterslide decal, where would be a good place to pick them up?

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    I'm building a guitar from warmoth, it's a frankenstein telecaster; maple, rear routed with an emg set and dunlop 6100 stainless frets, I like teles but hate twang.

    My experiences with warmoth have been good, their stuff is good quality and the customer service is good. If you're looking for a scalloped neck they do those but they're pretty pricey.

    Hope that helps
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      Warmoth /does/ make good quality stuff. But it's all /completely/ overpriced. THeir necks are insanely expensive, so are their bodies, and all their hardware.
      I'd buy from people all over the place, and do the woodworking yourself if you have access to tools/machinery.