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  • Lefty Guitars Available

    It looks like I'll be offering lefty guitars (see my Iceman thread).

    Basic specs:

    1) 24.5" scale
    2) Mahogany Neck w/ Bocote fretboard and bone nut
    3) Set Neck
    4) Black Limba Back (One-piece)
    5) Maple top (I have flamed now)
    6) 3/4 Scale body (that is how I get the one-piece black limba, I can't find it
    larger than 12"W)
    7) Wilkinson EZ-Lok Tuners
    8) Kahler Tremolo or Flat-mount Bridge.

    Body styles: Iceman, Strat (Ish), SG (ish), Mockingbird

    Professional Cat Urethane Paint Job.

    Build time - 8 weeks

    If the customer supplies pick ups and bridge, ~$900. PM me if interested.

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    Any pictures of mockingbirds? I like the sound of that brother...


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      I should have a sample this weekend of the body with plain maple and african mahogany


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        Actually I'v been dying to start one since I drew up the plans a month ago.


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          how about a destroyer? if i could send you a template would you do it?
          Originally posted by metalchurch
          I had my ball sack appraised one time.
          Originally posted by metalchurch
          ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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            No problem on the Destroyer.

            BTW, GOOD CHOICE. I don't know why, but I greatly prefer the Destroyer to the Explorer. Maybe it's the name - I guess pillaging appeals to me. If your going to explore, you might as well pillage and destroy. Eric the Red trumps Magellan. My one complaint with the moon landing: We should have strip-mined while we were there.

            My painter Chris has been bugging me to do one.

            You could just send me a JPEG that I can trace in AutoCAD.

            The back would have to be two-piece African Mahogany. There is no way I could find Korina large enough to do a destroyer. Unless you could paypal me an arm and a leg.


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              Do you do refins? I have a guitar that I'm thinking I want to go from BLACK to some neon green finish.



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                I don't, but my painter, Chris, will do it. PM me with the details. Btw, I am not charging mark up. Pass through. His work is exemplary. His finishing is what put he professiona sheen on my guitars


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                  you already got my order.. and i cant wait to play it when everything is done.. it should be amazing! have i said thanks enough, i dont think so, thanks man, really.


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                    Some pics, all set up and a rough cut of the mockingbird with HeroCycle's neck beside it (I have yet to stain the fretboard black). Bad, bad cell phone pics. On the Mockingbird the neck "stub will be shaved down after the neck is glued in. I leave exra wood there so it doesn' splinter when I route the tenon pocket.


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                      Nice wood, love the blueburst ! And I like how you rounded the upper horn.
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                        there's a good pic of the destroyer body

                        they re-issued it so you can also get good pics on the ibanez site

                        are there other choices i'd have other than mahogany? just want to see what i'd have available to me

                        oh, also i was hoping for just a body with a bolt-on pocket and routed for 3 humbuckers and a binding if possible

                        i wanted one and so does a friend, mine would be routed for a floyd rose and his would be routed for a tune-o-matic with a string thru bridge
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                        Originally posted by metalchurch
                        I had my ball sack appraised one time.
                        Originally posted by metalchurch
                        ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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                          PM me with some of the specs and your budget-range.

                          I.E. Scale-length, what neck you will be using (example Carvin necks are a hair wider than Fender Spec), control configuration. I'll probably need the exact bridge sent to me. There e so many Floyds and tune-omatics

                          Wood I can get pretty much everything - it's just the cost.

                          Hand-making all of these, it may be hard for me to be competitive with the Warmoths for unfinished bodies. If their stock exporer would work for you that would be the way to go. They can CNC those right off the machine.


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                            pm sent regarding guitar re-fin