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Introducing the ONLY left-handed Ibanez 540pii on earth

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  • Introducing the ONLY left-handed Ibanez 540pii on earth

    (that I know of)

    Pictures in the gallery. Special thanks to 7stringking for his excellent paintwork, body adjustments and setup.

    I keep this baby tuned to Drop C, and it most certainly is evil. The body is so small too, it is a joy to play.

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    I'mma go take a look. Sounds sexy!

    Dude, awesome collection. Diggin the Epi LP: I've got one too, and I've never found a Gibson that plays like it. I would assume your's has had a nice setup, too?
    It's amusing to find people who won't stop rippin' on epiphone. You'd think they'd set up a guitar before judging it.
    Hows the 59/Jazz combo? I've been deciding on some new pups for mine. I'm thinkin JB/Jazz, 59/Jazz, or a set of AlnicoII Pros... possibly a screamin' demon and a jazz...
    Anyway, sorry for jackin' the thread...
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