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My Take on the BC Rich Mockingbird

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  • My Take on the BC Rich Mockingbird

    Coming soon:

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    kahler rout? Looks pretty cool, what's the neck pocket setup all about?


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      It's a set neck, but not a traditional tenon. It glues under the fretboard and on the bottom of the neck - more of a Fender joint, just cut in for better gluing surface.

      The sides get shaved right to the neck at a taper at the end after the neck is glued in. I leave them as drawn until then, as they tended to splinter away if routed to a point.

      I'm no longer a fan of neck-through body sounds, so it is not a true Mockingbird. Had a couple of neck-through Carvins and I just liked the bolt ons better.

      I've built two guitars with this neck joint and they have more top end than the traditional LP. Of course there are a thousand other factors, so who knows?