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I introduced myself and my gear, now it's music time

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  • I introduced myself and my gear, now it's music time

    I strongly feel that the one single thing thing that really tells something about who or what I am, is my music.
    I'll give (those with the patience to go trough all of them) 3 songs that together tell the tale of who HBL is quite well.

    Blues to be (SE) (Epi Dot)
    This is one of the songs I like most myself, played over a backtrack I stumbled upon on the Internet. There are some timing issues, but the song means to much to me to re-record

    Leaving spaces (Tokai Goldstar)
    After a long work day I was havin'a couple of beers grabbed my tokai, fired up this backingtrack and my Cybertwin. Let the music sink in a went with the flow and played what I felt should be played.

    Alone in the crowd

    Do I need to tell you folks I'm a Slow Blues addict well you're in for a supprise I love many kinds of music, I don't play all of them however. The next one is a type of song, - a 70's / 80's rock ballad- that fits my taste for what I like to play quite well.
    Edit: I used my Greg Bennet Avion AV3 LH for this one.

    So that's me in notes and sounds
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    sounds nice!!!welcome to the forum!!!!


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      Great to be here


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        Some real nice playin' there. It's nice to find another blues lover out there.


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          Thanks, you're right it's great to find fellow blues lovers