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  • two song

    Hi folks!

    Here's two demos I made at home

    The first one is my first try for more serious recording... I did this one some years ago... I plan to rerecord it for greater tone and to correct some structure and playing errors.
    guitar tone: pod pro, drums : reason acoustic kit

    The second one
    Is a song that I recorded for a woman at the office. She gives stretching lessons and she wanted an instrumental song with a latino vibe. So I did this for her.
    Lead guitar tone: Revalver MKII, acoustic tone: Piezo graphtech ghost system on my EBMM sillouehette special guitar. drums: Addictive Drums.

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    Good stuff dude, I just got a chance to listen. I really need a drum kit system...


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      For the first one... My drummer did the track with a midi keyboard.

      For the second I just used some midi templates in the midi library from addictive drums.

      There is plenty of good drums softwares that are really easy to use... ezdrummer and addictive drums are perfect for people that suck on drum like me