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  • Rich's music

    Here's some different stuff from me. Thanks for checking it out.

    My current band. Me on bass:

    My last band. Me on rhythm and lead guitar (first and last leads are me):

    Some older stuff from past projects. Me on guitar.

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    PZproject has a great vibe to it, almost reminded me of Clutch in that it takes a great classic rock sound but modernizes it.

    TLB totally has an anthrax/early metallic feel to it.

    underone was hard to get into due to recording audio quality.


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      Thanks for checking it out. UO was a very good band for me, but it ended poorly and somehow the other idiots decided that was the song to leave on the page.

      PZP is a very cool band to be a part of. There's some huge talent there. Makes me bust my ass.

      And the Anthrax/Metallica comment is a huge compliment.

      Thanks again.