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The old man of the sea - collab

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  • The old man of the sea - collab

    I haven't been playing much lately, just trying and testing things to see how my hand was healing after the CT surgery. (Not buying, trading or selling stuff either :/ )

    Well..... this is my first real song since the surgery and it's a collab

    Here is the story and the song

    This one is more or less a spinn-off from my last one "Floyd's" . I suggested the backing track to VikingBlues @ 12bar and he was in to it.
    After a week or so he posted his "The old man of the sea" with lyrics based on the beautiful poem "Old man" by his wife Sandra Patterson. Here is his original topic starter:
    Finally after a week or so of struggle with the "When a Blind Man Cries" posted up by HBL, here's my take on it. The piece is called The old Man of the Sea for reasons which should become apparent.

    The first couple of minutes are quite "musique concrete" (aka unmusical), but stick with it and normal tonal service is eventually resumed at around 01:50. I have tried to capture a flavour of maybe the more experimental earlier Floyd in the first part.

    At 2.19 the world is exposed to the first time to a new experience (hopefully not too horrifying).

    I don't have HBLs skilled chops where Gilmour style is concerned. So you're stuck with Viking style chops.
    Well... while listening to his peace, at first I was pleasantly supprised. But when he started singing my jaw dropped.. Awesome.. All kinda things sprung to mind, but Gilmour and Bowie kept buzzing in my head.
    Needles to say I was more then interested ( In fact I begged him to let me in on it ) He said yes and after a week or two this came out:

    VikingbLues plays the rythm parts, the beginning sequences and the first lead part. After verse 1 I start trying to live up to the song

    See if you like this rather long song with a long intro.. (but it's worth to sit it out I hope)

    BTW: The poem is in the lyric section of the song.

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    hey welcome back, good to see you are ok. Work blocks the song but I will definitely check it out when I get home later.


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      Didn't sound like the hands were holding you back. I felt the gilmour sound.


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        Really very nice. I liked the first couple thing you shared, and is just great. Good to hear you're making progress.
        va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
        Originally posted by chilton
        Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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          Thanks a lot guys, good to know there are people out there that like this stuff.


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            WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! That is fantastic. Very DG like.

            Kudos to your talented wife for the poem.

            I'm looking for my lighter so you come back for an encore.


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              THANKS !

              Actually, Sandra is Vikingblues' wife, but thanks for the kudo's anyway


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                i just thought you playing was so tasteful - loved it