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  • Another one from String Theory

    I posted My Iron Lung a few months back. This one is an original called Specimen:

    The bassist is right-handed, but she's also my wife, so I hope you can forgive her.

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    Sounded nice.

    I have one quick question though, is there any way to quiet the drummer?? Nothing against the drummer but they always drown everyone else out.

    Last weekend we had an American Heart Association walk in town followed by a little concert. The group sounded great, I think, once the drummer started wailing away we could barely hear the other instruments. The dummer also overshadowed the singer, but that was a good thing, since it was 9:00 AM and pretty cool outside, his voice wasn't quite where it needed to be on some of those high notes!!!

    Let me say before anyone throws a hissy fit, I'm just joshing on the drummers.


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      Well, in this case, we were all mic'd, so that was the sound guy's choice to make the drummer that loud. I'm not sure I agree with his decision, but then again, it may have sounded completely different in-person.

      You don't REALLY get to decide how loud the drummer is until you start producing your own recordings.