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    Here's Fender DG10 that I picked up for $80. By all means not a high end guitar but has a real nice depth or bassie sound I guess is how one would describe it. Hey for $80 and not a mark on it ?
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    Good deal I'd say. Heck, even the scratchplate looks untouched.
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    Originally posted by chilton
    Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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      A good buy on a lefty ? How could you not, mint always counts for something in my opinion.
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        I agree , for the condition and the price just couldn't pass it up. I've found alot of good deals at the local pawn shops here. If I played right handed we would be talking fat city with some of the good deals I've seen.
        That being said I've also wheeled and dealed with a few amps. Right now I've two Vox's ,AD15VT-XL and AD50VT that were in like new condition from pawn shops and only ended up about $200 out of pocket for both after some horse trading with one amp and selling another pawn amp I had.


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          Very nice guitar, NHGD and congrats.

          I own a couple of Fender acoustics and feel that they are underrated and one of the best buys out there, especially used. I'm not saying they're as nice a sounding guitar as a Taylor or Martin, but they're at least equal to the Takamines and Ibanez's out there.