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FedEx stopped at my house...

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  • FedEx stopped at my house...

    to deliver my latest toy today and I'm stuck in a hotel room in Chicago. Dang.

    At least I have a 7:00 flight back home tomorrow and should be pickin on the new guit by noon.. That is of course if my wife picks me up as scheduled.

    She signed for the guitar today and I forgot to tell her that I purchased another one, oops. Maybe that's why she didn't answer my call this evening. I hope she doesn't grab any of golf clubs. ha ha

    Hope to have photos up tomorrow,

    until later

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    so youre just gonna leave us hanging in suspense like that huh? lol! spill the beans bro whaddidyabuy?


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      hummm, what could it be ,,,, mystery axe
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        Sorry, yesterday was a travel day and by the time I got home, I had to much s..t to do.

        I'll get photos up later today after my round this morning.

        It wasn't a costly purchase, hell, it probably cost more to ship it, but it will be a neat little project guitar and a twin to the righty I already own.


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          Finally had an opportunity to take some photos of the new(old) guit.

          The guitar is a 1983 Westone Concorde II that is in original condition. It is in darn nice shape for being 25+ years old. I need to get the brasso out to clean up the bridge and saddles, and I think I'll need to replace the nut. These guitars came with a bone nut and at some point someone attempted to flip the guitar to a righty (don't they have enough of their own to fuck up) and drilled a hole in the lower horn. It looks like they tried to carve the high "E" slot on the nut to accept a low "E" string. A minor butcher job.

          Still not sure if I want to repaint her to match her twin (Mellow Yellow), I have to think about it.

          Here are a couple of shots of BB (Brass and Black):


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            I almost forgot, the neck, frets, and fretboard are in excellent condition and very comfy.

            And a shot with her twin, not identical mind you as you see BB is a hardtail and Mellow Yellow has a tremolo:

            But they look good sunning by the pool!!!!


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              crawdaddy have you used brasso on gold hardware before?my 99 epiphone korina v has gold hardware and id like to clean up the p ups.


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                Originally posted by jp529 View Post
                crawdaddy have you used brasso on gold hardware before?my 99 epiphone korina v has gold hardware and id like to clean up the p ups.
                I would not use Brasso on the gold hardware. The plating that Epiphone uses on their gold pieces rubs off in a nano second. Not the best at all, and I think the Brasso might strip the gold off even quicker.

                Unfortunately, I've sold all the EPI's I had with gold hardware or I would try it out for you.

                The bridge and saddles on the Westone are brass, so I should be fine. I will test in a small area before any work is done.


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                  Another fine looking guitar right there. I would like to see that lefty turned mellow yellow too. Just keep the black guard on there. That would make a killer twin set.
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                  Originally posted by chilton
                  Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.