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Two faux-Jazzmasters

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  • Two faux-Jazzmasters

    Since Fender, in their infinite wisdom, doesn't like making left-handed Jazzmasters, I present:

    On the left: Silver Warmoth Jazzmaster. Alder body, maple/rosewood neck. SD JB 59 in the bridge, SD Jazz in the neck, vintage-style Fender hardtail.

    On the right: Schecter Hellcat, circa 2004. Alder body, maple/rosewood neck. 3x Minibuckers, and a TOM bridge.

    I'm thinking about getting a wenge/ebony 24.75" conversion neck for the Schecter, and adding a bright-green pickguard. Time will tell on that.

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    Fender Japan make lefty Jazzmasters. There are a few on Ebay at the moment.|294%3A50


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      That's true. I thought about getting a CIJ JM for a long time. Unfortunately, in the end, I just couldn't justify it to myself. There isn't much info on that particular build (at least in English) - I know on some of the reissues, Fender has changed the pickups and other specs substantially...but I wasn't sure if the same went for Fender Japan, too.

      Oh well. Maybe someday.


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        fender japan is the best imo
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          cij jazzmasters are awesome, its the best guitar ive ever played


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            Ah, well okay, then. If I'm ever in the market again, I'll be sure to give them strong consideration!