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    I'm new to the forum, but I've already found myself looking at it several times a day. Are there anymore female lefty players out there? Several of my guitars were chosen due to their size and the way they fit me. Of course, being a girl, they have to be pretty! ha!

    Acoustic photo:
    Genz Benz 60W Acoustic Amp
    2008 Taylor GC-K
    Marshall Acoustic amp
    Taylor 655-CE 12-string (quilted maple)

    Debs guitar photo:
    On wall, Left to right:
    Les Paul Custom
    Gibson CS-339 tangerine burst
    Fender strat 3 tone burst
    Taylor GC-K (AAA grade Koa-custom ordered)

    on floor:
    Fender Blue Deluxe Reissue amp
    Takamine ES530SC
    Fender Deluxe Reverb amp
    Taylor 655CE 12-string
    Peavey Delta Blues Amp

    I also have two pianos, but we won't get into that. Every guitar is like a child--it has its own personality and I love them all for different reasons.
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    those gibsons are just pure sex

    think you could post some better pics?
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    ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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      Nice gear! Chick guitarists DEFINE COOL IMO! - ESPECIALLY LEFTY ONES!! (Don't mean to sound sexist, but being honest none the least)!
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        Will get some close ups and get them posted. I had some problems with the pictures. We had re-sized all of our photos to get items to post properly on another forum, so we'll work with them.

        I'm really enjoying looking at everyone's pics. My fiance' bought some amazing guitar stands yesterday. I'll put some info on here about those as well. We're going to pick up another guitar tomorrow, so it may be Sunday before I get them on. He is a right handed player, but he has some amazing guitars, for sure! We both have the fever!!!!


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          Girl ...that isnt a "fever" got GAS!!!