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  • How many of us mere mortals...

    Have a guitar named after them?? My brand new (though 20 years old) name sake guitar. I just purchased a Fender "San Miguel" (though my wife will argue with the "Saint" portion) from a great guy in Tucson.

    I need to thank a one Mr. AllroyPA for the heads up on this one. He found the guitar and brought it to my attention. Thanks B.

    It is in incredible condition for its age. The neck is smooth as silk and the sound is fantastic. Plus I love that Fender headstock!!!

    Here are a couple of pics:

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    The seller is in a local band down in Tucson (Chronical Gone) and he included a CD they created. A blend of Rock and Blues. Some very nice music, so I hope to see them when they play in the Phoenix area.

    Here are a few more pics:

    PS: The wife was ok with this purchase (whew) since it bears my name, again, at least the Michael part.....not so sure on the Saint end


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      Wow, that is in real nice condition. I recommend to anyone the build of theses Korean Fender acoustics over anything in fenders budget line for what's come along since. I traded mine away awhile back, but I got my Jap Strat for it so I'm not upset. With a keen eye and good search engines, I'm sure I'll find another someday.
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        Acoustics with electric guitar headstocks always look funky to me

        Not Hot