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1952 Epiphone Emperor LEFTY

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  • 1952 Epiphone Emperor LEFTY

    You don't find many vintage lefties do ya?

    When I got this, it was a basket case. The pickups were removed, as well as the selector bar. and the pickguard. It had been refitted with a d'armond thingy, and set up, as a right handed guitar! Yes. That's right . . . somebody had taken a lefty guitar and took the effort to put a right handed nut on it, and flip it to righty.

    I had the New York pickups rewound by Seymour Duncan. It still breaks the field in the odd way the New Yorks worked, but the wires are all in line and even, and so they sound GREAT!! A sound you just can't get on a modern pickup no matter how much modeling you do.

    The tuners and tail are original to the guitar.

    The bridge is a modern replacement, and not original.

    As an aside, the case appears to had even more abuse than the guitar.

    My only wish for this guitar, is I wish it was a Gretsh!!!!
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    1952, wow

    I didn't even know epi was around back then. That's awesome


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      Epi can be said to have been started in 1873, when the founder began making instruments. Or in 1890 when they had their first factory. Or in 1903 when they had a better and real workshop in New York.

      Gibson was founded in 1902.

      Gibson and Epi were a Macy's vs. Gimbals. Constantly vying and trading the lead of who had the best quality or innovation.

      Gibson won when in 1957 they purchased Epiphone and made it a low end outlet for Gibsons. Just like the Ford Explorer, lower end Mercury Mountaineer from the same company.

      And Gretsh was begun in 1883. and more or less bought by Fender in 2002