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I know it's a righty, but...

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  • I know it's a righty, but...

    The seller lived very near my buddy so he purchased it for me the other day and I was able to pick it up yesterday. I know it's a right handed guitar, but these things are so cool (plus it was dirt cheap), I had to have it.

    It is a late 90's AquaBurst Danelectro U2 that is in excellent condition. This makes 3 right handed Danos, at least my son can play them.

    Here are a couple of shots:

    I've been thinking about buying a left handed DC-2 Dano from a dealer in Iowa!!! Hopefully it will be in my possesion in a couple of weeks.
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    Like boarwalk taffy , yumm ... HNGD
    Oh the heels are a nice touch : P
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      if you want a u2 buy a jerry jones

      the chinese dano reissues totally suck
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      ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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        Originally posted by lostinthemasses View Post
        the chinese dano reissues totally suck

        Please don't tell me that... I'm in the process of purchasing a Dano DC-2 and I'm pretty sure all of the new RI's are MIC!!!

        I already own a U2 that was MIK that is a great guitar and has the upgraded bridge so intonation is not an issue.

        OK, you twisted my arm, here is a photo of "Tuxedo"