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Winter GOTS Voting Thread

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    I voted for the JEM because it's a fucking Japanese-made Desert Yellow maple neck JEM made by Ibanez.

    Also it cost as much as a decent second-hand Honda Civic.
    Originally posted by metalchurch
    I had my ball sack appraised one time.
    Originally posted by metalchurch
    ??Apparently ball sack and ball sack are synonymous.


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      Hahahaha that's not the first time I've seen the pricing of the 777 reissue be compared to that of a good used car.

      Honesly Ibanez are really taking the piss. I adjusted the original 777LNG pricing to 2017 and it would have been around 2700 USD - and that's taking into account the extra surcharge for the 87 LNG because it was signed by Steve, with DY and SK coming in a couple hundred bucks cheaper.

      Here in europe the 777 lefties are 4500 USD (and only available from one.single.retailer.) . I'm having a hard time dealing with that -
      especially considering the RG8570 J-custom is significantly cheaper, and the RG652AHN is half the cost of a J-custom etc etc....

      Hell I could buy a shitload of used Prestiges for one 777.....

      Or let me put this into even greater perspective. I could buy the most overpriced guitars on EARTH for the price of a 777 - yes I'm looking at you Jackson USA custom shop /PC-1.....
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        Originally posted by LeftyLV426 View Post
        Really hard choice between all of these but in the end I couldn't say no to the Jem. Maybe it's the pink strap that did it for me.
        Yeah that strap really does finish this thing off.


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          Aww yeah!