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seeking advice on selling my cole clarke

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  • seeking advice on selling my cole clarke

    A few years back I thought I might like to play guitar, so I bought a new Cole Clarke fat lady acoustic (cost $1800 I seem to remember). It turns out I lack the discipline needed to master an instrument so I am thinking to sell it. Now, here is the thing, I am in Perth Western Australia, which is one of the more isolated capital cities, thus, the market for my guitar is limited. It seems I might get about $700 Australian for it(if I pay delivery), however, I am visiting London in a few weeks and I wonder if I might do a bit better if I take the guitar with me and sell it there. It is absolutely mint condition as I hardly used it and was very careful with it. I value people's thoughts - sell it here or try my luck on foreign soil?

    Cheers, Bill

    (I was a member here a few years back but can't remember my log in details)

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    What sort of wood does it use? Does it have any rosewood? If you take it to London with you and don't end up selling it, you're going to have to import it back because of CITES.


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      Cole Clarke are very good quality guitars made here in Australia in fact guitar tech I know used to build them for the company. Put it up in this group on facebook.


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        Really? I would never thought of that - thanks. No rosewood but I really hadn't contemplated getting it back. It pays to think things through.


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          Thanks Flash. I have applied to join the group. It is a lovely guitar. Looks the bomb and sounds lovely..... it deserves to be played.


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            I just thought I'd mention it. I had to give up a real good guitar coming in from Canada because CITES is just too much of a pain. And it isn't even guaranteed that you'll end up with it back either.