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Suhr Classic Pro SSH, with V70 pickups

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  • Suhr Classic Pro SSH, with V70 pickups

    This guitar is crazy good, y'alls. Give any non-partscaster manufacturer 2 grand and have them come up with something remotely as good as this guitar. Seriously.

    As usual, I just shut the fuck up and play the thing. Questions? Let me know. Don't forget to read the video description!

    Oh yeah, and Jerry's got these in every color available for the series. I am glad I finally got around doing a review for him. When I first saw this Fiesta Red business, though, I wasn't sure about it. It quickly grew on me! It helps that the thing sounds and plays unbelievably great!

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    I'll watch this when I get home tonight. I love my Suhr. I think these classic pros are a line or two down from mine, but if they keep the quality as good on these as they do on everything else, I'm sure nothing close can touch it.


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      The quality is incredible. I can't believe this is an "off the rack" instrument. Suhr's quality is unparalleled!

      I know this is not on everybody's budget. But after years to constant disappointment, I figured I'd rather save up and buy the good stuff! Obviously, this is my personal opinion. I prefer to have less guitars and focus on having remarkable (and useful) ones. This guitar falls into this category and then some. Seriously, I can't get over how good it is!


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        That's some pretty high praise, especially since I know you've played some pretty high end instruments in your time. I agree, unless its something like an older Ibanez, or another Warmoth, I'll probably be sticking to higher end stuff at this point. While my cheaper guitars play really nice after I do some things to them, they just can't touch these guitars.


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          A bit OT, but what do you think of that Palisades? I really, really want to get one, but they're so big. Is it worth it for the options its got?


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            I just got it. I think it's great. I have not gigged with it yet, so the jury is still out there. I think it's gonna rock, though. The Earthquaker Devices camp knocked it out of the park with this one. Very versatile pedal!

            There is an all EQD pedal board at my local Sam Ash, so I had tried their stuff before. I really liked their fuzz pedals. I saw some online reviews and took the plunge. This is the first pedal that has knocked my Boiling Point out of my board. I found a setting that sounds just like the BP, but with a tighter bass and more volume knob sensitivity. And then you can hit a switch and have a second gain preset (as shown in the video). And you get a clean boost, too! Sure, it's a big pedal. But if it knocks two pedals off your board, you are kinda saving space.


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              Nice. I've gotten into a love affair with drive pedals recently. I've got more than I'll ever need, but this one is at the top of the list of what I want to try. Never owned an EQD, but I really like their line, everything sounds super great.


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                Beautiful sounding guitar indeed! And I gotta say, I love the hotrod look it has with that black humbucker against the white single coils, and on the same token, red,white, and rosewood is such a classic combination that just never wears on my eyes. While I haven't seen the other color options, I'll go out and say that you made a fine choice and I'd most likely choose that very combo myself. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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                  I want to try an Antique Classic (mmmmm...), but otherwise I am sold on this bad boy.

                  Well done, Suhr. Well done!


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                    Second video added.