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  • Nik Huber Orca '59

    How do you review the best guitar you've ever played? I guess you just shut up and play it...

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    Great playing!! Thanks for sharing that


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      Bravo, nice axe, sounds great !
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        Thanks, guys!

        This guitar is in fact great (the greatest I've ever played, anyway). This video came to happen after I was asked how I would approach demoing a guitar. I decided to do an abbreviated take on how I personally test guitars. Most people who 'review' stuff online completely miss the mark on the things I look for as a potential customer. I know I am in the minority, because I am shopping as a working professional, but it is my hope that there are discerning hobbyists out there that can benefit from this kind of review as well.

        I kind of did this a couple of months ago when I did a blind test, comparing three pedals. The response I got was very favorable. People dug the more objective approach!