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  • Looking for another guitar

    What I want is a Les Paul/SG style with dual or triple humbuckers, decent quality, but not too expensive. I get real nervous about Asian stuff that doesn't come from Japan, some of what I've seen has been great, some, well, its a total disaster.

    So I thought I'd ask for recommendations. There's a used Gibson Les Paul Standard in a shop locally. It has some damage that has been repaired nicely, and they want $950.00 Canadian for it - does that sound like a decent price?

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    I not 100% sure what $950 equates to in USD's but it sounds like a decent price, depending on the damage.

    Are we to assume the damage was due to neck/headstock failure?? If so, tread lightly. I have heard though, that a properly repaired neck is stronger than an original neck.

    Gibson LP's are great guitars if you find one you like.

    There are other guitars out there to look at. Take a look at this Edwards for sale on these forums. It is most likely just as good as a Gibson and a bit less to boot. Plus it is brand new.

    Good Luck on your quest.


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      Edwards is good stuff, I also believe there is an ESP Eclipse on the 'bay for a decent price. Even the high end LTD stuff is supposed to be quite good.

      To me, it's hard to justify the Gibson price (even though I love the product).


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        Well, budget is an issue. But I want something good. I went through every manufacturer in the Manufacturer thread, and just found this:

        Now it sounds pretty damned good to me, but I've never heard of the brand before. Anyone know anything?


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          Never heard of it, but a good looking axe


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   These look interesting??


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              Kind of, but they look a bit overdone. Too much show, and in the MP3 they have on the site they sound harsh. Maybe it's the pickups that are the problem.


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                Kinda like this one


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                  Maybe I should buy a kit

                  Is there anyone who sells Les Paul style through neck kits? I'm off work right now (chronic pain) and I'm getting tired of spending all day surfing the net. Maybe I should learn how to build guitars


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                    Like wow man

                    Originally posted by Jesse View Post
                    That's a classy piece of work. Wonder what it sounds like?


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                      Originally posted by The Mad Hatter View Post
                      That's a classy piece of work. Wonder what it sounds like?
                      I guess it would depend on your opinion of EMG pickups. I'm not the biggest fan of them, I prefer Duncans. The Edwards LP has stock Duncans and, I believed, MIJ.

                      If I recall, ESP's pecking order is:

                      ESP Custom Shop, ESP Standard Series, Edwards, LTD/Grassroots (interchangeable depending on model)


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                        Pick Ups

                        Now there's something I know nothing about. Yet. The Italian company (Emperion) was charging extra for Bare Knuckle Pick Ups. They have music on the web page with both EMG and Bare Knuckle, but they aren't playing the same music, which makes it hard to evaluate them. I think that the Bare Knuckle pick ups sound a bit better, but there's a 179.00 Euro surcharge, which is a lot of cash.

                        I could afford right now to splurge on a $5000.00 guitar. But I'm not the sort of guy to do that. I want the best quality I can get for the money (sound, durability, etc). Like with cars. I currently drive a Honda Fit. Inexpensive, well built, great on gas. And it suits me. I like small cars, I like getting 50 MPG on the highway (Imperial gallons for the Yanks), and I like having something that is super reliable, and I was willing to pay extra for it. But I wasn't willing to buy an Acura.

                        So I'd be willing to pay more for pickups, if the results are worth it. I want a good guitar. I'm not willing to pay more for a fancy paint job though. The paint doesn't improve the sound.

                        Anyway, that's where I'm coming from.


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                          If that is your preference, I would go for the guitar with the best quality hardware and pickups then. To me, wood doesn't make a terrible difference if you are amped up. When I choose a guitar the more important things are neck profile, playability, sound when amped.

                          I have a plywood BC Rich that sounds amazing. I have a maple Carvin that sounds amazing. I have 4 basswood guitars (3 ibanez, 1 EMBB) and they all sound completely different.


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                            ESP on EBay

                            Was poking around the ESP website, and lo and behold, they have a forum, and some guy is looking at the 500 model, and got answers on it, and the 1000. It looks like the guy selling on EBay is a bit high on his prices.


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                              Anyone know anything about Raven Guitars? They seem to have a pretty wide range of Lefties, but when I went looking for reviews, well, I didn't find any. That worries me.