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    Ok, I know that being a lefty I save huge amounts of money due to the fact that a lot of guitars that are manufactured are not available to us lefties. Having said that, if you follow MF’s Friday Fender deals you have noticed as I have some great prices on Fender products. I’m still kicking myself for the Friday they had the Super Champ for $200. I didn’t notice the price until Saturday. Oh well, to bad for me.

    This past Friday, they had a few guitars at some pretty decent prices. They had one item for us lefties, a MIM Strat for $400; Whooopte Frickin’ Dooo.
    Here is the list:

    FENDER FRIDAY (10-9-09)

    Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS FR Electric Guitar - $399.99 501161

    Fender American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster Electric Guitar - $899.99 511143

    Fender Artist Series Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster Electric Guitar - $999.99 510053

    Fender Artist Series Eric Johnson Stratocaster Electric Guitar - $1499.99 511311

    Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar - $899.99 511145

    Fender Kenny Wayne Shepherd Stratocaster Electric Guitar - $499.99 528017

    Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar - $499.99 510474

    Fender American Standard HSS Stratocaster Electric Guitar - $699.99 515747

    Fender Left-Handed Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar - $399.99 501159

    I have wanted a Deluxe Strat for a while and figured what have I got to lose by calling and asking for a lefty deluxe for $900. I guess they have no sense of humor at MF as I was turned down and was told the sale is for the deluxe Ash Strat only. Again, we as lefties don’t have the option of purchasing an American Deluxe Ash Strat. All we are offered is the sunburst w/maple or rosewood freat boards.

    I pleaded my case that the lefty sunburst w/maple has an everyday price that is $100 ($1700 to $1600) less than the Ash. Not going to happen I’m told. One last ditch effort on my part was to attempt to purchase a returned sunburst deluxe that was priced at $1400 for the $900 price. I’m not expecting a HNGD this week so you already know the answer.

    I know this is not the end of the world and the bright side is that I’m $900 richer (for the moment), but man I really wanted a new American Deluxe for $900.

    Thanks, I’m feeling much better now.

    EDIT: I was thinking last night that maybe this sounded to serious, yes I really really wanted the AM Deluxe (should have bought Paramedic006 when I had the chance) but this was done tongue in cheek. Thank you
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    I think there was also the SRV for righty's for 999 .. chit~!
    This is why I've not bought a new Fender since 1997 they never take care of the leftys
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      That's just the way it goes with some brands, they usually price up their lefties because they sell far less of them, so they want to try and get some of the money back by charging more per-unit.


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        Originally posted by Pauly View Post
        That's just the way it goes with some brands, they usually price up their lefties because they sell far less of them, so they want to try and get some of the money back by charging more per-unit.
        Seems to me this is not a good theory due to the shear number of total guitars these companies sell at a profit to think they'd "lose" any total dollars due to selling a lefty at the same price. Plus it's up to the retailer what they're willing to let them go at.
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          It also 'halts' their production line up because they have to reprogram the machines, and also lefty runs aren't as massive as right handed ones which means they cost more to produce. Models might only be done in several runs for one year and that's it (Ibanez RG7420 springs to mind). Schecter IIRC don't charge for a guitar being left-handed or if they do it's minimal but they're pretty much nailed the 'value for money' part of the guitar market. I concede they probably charge more because they know they can too, after all choice of guitars, particularly mid to high range ones is limited.

          Using Ibanez as an example again, they only produce one decent guitar lefty - the RG1550L, which replaced the RG1570 before it - and it's because there's not enough demand for them to justify production runs of other models. The limited run of Jem and JS models is an exception but it's a mini-run this year and only this year and they're marked up so high precisely because they want to get as much $$$ out of them as possible. Rich from Ibanez Rules occasionally has a couple of Japanese-only left-handed guitars in but finds he has trouble selling them!

          I don't post on Jemsite much these days, if ever, but the lefty thread in the 'Comments to Ibanez' forum sums the situation up perfectly.