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  • Lefty Kramer Nightswan scam on

    Ok here is the story. About a month ago, I was checking out the German
    ebay when I saw this mint Nightswan (the one with lightning graphics) on sale
    with a bid of 250 Euros and no reserve. I went berserk, gothered all the cash
    I could find, loan or steal, had a fight with my wife, and placed a max bid of 1000 Euros. When I placed the bid there were 2 days left for the end of the
    auction. The seller had 120 sales with 100% feedback.

    I was sure I was gonna win the auction, so I stayed calm and waited.

    The auction ended with a winning bid (my bid) of 550 Euros, the seller had worldwide shipping with a rate of 70 Euros to Cyprus so the second the auction ended I started writing a mail to the seller that I was preparing paypal to send his money on Monday morning (auction ended on Sunday night).

    The answer I got was that the seller asking me to cancel the deal because
    someone else (a hacker he claimed) was using his account to sell items and that if I send the money the money would be lost. He also claimed that he does not own a Kramer Nightswan and that he does not even play the guitar!!!

    I went and check his feedback and he never sold anything that was related to music. (Mostly clothes and shoes.)

    Anyway we canceled the deal and for a few hours I was considering giving him a negative feedback, but I let it go.

    My question is, if someone else was using his account, why didn't he cancel the auction before it ended?

    And if a hacker was using his account, why place a LEFTY Kramer Nightswan false auction and not a righty guitar that would sell far more easily??

    What do you think of that? Was he right or he didn't get the price he wanted and tricked me into canceling the auction?
    "NO, I don't build left handed guitars! I think left handed people are freaks and should not even play the guitar."

    Words by a famous luthier when asked by me for a custom left handed instrument quote.

    "Great man, you are brilliant! So your stupid ass thinks that Hendrix should have never played the guitar?!"

    My reply.

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    I'm inclined to agree with you, sounds shady to me. For the record, I'd probably eat shit for a lefty lightning nightswan.


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      it's definitely a scam, I've heard someone else talk about it on the kramer forum.


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        It is a scam.



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          I had a lefty Nightswan, so they are out there. Pretty rare. Just picked up 2 guitars from Elliot Easton's collection. A 87 Kramer EE & a'80 Dean Z Flamed top W/black binding. So they are out there.


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            Does sound fishy. Why indeed hack someone's acc with a lefty? Just to screw him over? Näääh.
            va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
            Originally posted by chilton
            Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.