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Real or Fake Strat on the bay

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  • Real or Fake Strat on the bay

    Alrighty peoples, you tell me if what I suspect is true.

    I'm thinking the following link to a 1996 MIM Stratocaster is not completely true:

    I'm pretty sure the Fender logo on the headstock is not correct. The serial number is all the same font. MN6 should be a different font from the remainder of the serial number and the digits after the year of manufacture should be a bit bolder than the first letters/number. Then there is the "Stratocaster" font which is incorrect.

    I also think the tuners come from a Squier, but I'm not 100% sure of that.

    Here is another 1996 MIM for sale, looks much better to me:

    What do you think?? Am I whacked in the head or what???
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    ive sen that logo a few times, I dont think ever on a MIM though. I dont know enough about fenders to be any help..


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      Yea it's fine ... Fender Traditional Series MIM ... tuners are not the best but I have had no problems with them ... Poplar body, ceramic pups, cast block, full size pots, small fret-wire, nice weight not a featherweight ... super player, just feels like an old friend ...
      Fender Squier standard stratocaster
      Part number 013-3600
      Body: Poplar
      Neck: Maple
      Machine heads: Standard squier
      Fretboard: Rosewood (9,5" Radius/241mm)
      No. of frets: 21
      Pickups: 3 single coil
      Controls: Master volume, tone
      Bridge/Tremolo: Squier Strat Trem
      Pickup Switching 5-position Blade
      Scale Lenght: 25,5" (648mm)
      Neck width @ Nut: 1,650" (42mm)
      Colors: 06, 58, 80.

      Now info from 1997 summer Fronline:

      Traditional stratocaster (Black Fender logo without small squier logo on headstock)
      Part number 013-3600 (same part number as 1996 edition of squier series)
      "Traditional Stratocaster are affordable, fine quality versions of Fender standard models. Classic three single coil version, left-handed model, and bridge position humbucker "Fat" strat models are available in this series. Features: Poplar body, three-ply guards
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        Thank you for the info.

        It is a great feeling when you can learn something new. I love these forums.



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          Originally posted by crawdaddy View Post
          Thank you for the info.

          It is a great feeling when you can learn something new. I love these forums.

          Feels like small juggies instead of big juggies .... LOL
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