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  • How many is too many?

    I've been searching for a cure for the guitar itch..seems like whenever i get some spare change I want to buy a new guitar..I think its because I'm left handed and when I see a guitar I want to jump on it because you never know when you might run across it again. But at the same time its getting to be a hassel rotating through all my guitars (I dont like to have them sit in their case for more than a week without me playing them..) I have a custom iceman made by a member here that should be in my hands anyday now(should be amazing), a custom Ran on the horizon, and I am gassin for a V and/or 7 string (agile would cure that one with their 7 V) add those to my forever keepers.
    Jackson Ke2
    Jackson RR1
    Jackson SL2HT
    Jackson SLSMG
    MIM Fender Strat (first electric, has a special place and will be my deployment guitar.)

    that would be 8 guitars...
    I know that might not seem like a lot to people who have 20+ but
    it feels like a lot to me. Im only 21 and dont have a permanent residence (Army) and the idea of lugging 8 guitars everywhere I go for the rest of my life seems kinda hard..anyone else in a similar situation?

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    One more is enough !
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      i've had to move around quite a bit with 13

      let's just say that it's tough

      especially since i only have 5 cases

      and one of my axes only fits in one of my cases (my kelly)

      and one case only fits 2 axes (my lumies)
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        At 21 I had, I think 2 so you are well on your way. There is no number that is the magic "I'm done" but it's more of an issue that you have enough of a wide spectrum to your collection. I've got quite a bit in my collection, some of them duplicates which would be the first to go for me.



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          It's a bit of a pickle because to me, every guitar is like a work of art and should be appreciated individually, but at the same time I feel unless you have the money/time/space/means then it doesn't make a lot of sense owning tons of guitars when some never get much playtime. Obviously if you play in a band or something then you're going to need backup guitars but for the most part I think it's best to strive for a balance of having enough to cover a wide sonic spectrum but not so many that some are just gathering dust.