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Two lefty 7's, a video, and a short review!

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  • Two lefty 7's, a video, and a short review!

    Hello there guys,
    A couple of months ago I got my first seven string and couldn't help wanting more. Recently I've been recording some demos for my band, and playing in drop A is pure pleasure:

    The guitar on the left is a lefty Hellraiser C7 (stock). The other one is a lefty Schecter Omen 7, routed to fit EMGs. I also replaced the stock bridge for a TonePros 7 String metric bridge and the tuners for Gotoh Magnum.

    Some interesting stuff that’s worth to mention:

    * Even though the Hellraiser is all mahogany, the Omen 7 (basswood body and maple neck) is quite heavier in terms of weight. Paradoxically, the Hellraiser sounds much ballsier while the Omen is slightly brighter (same pickups).
    * I’ve read many criticisms about the Hellraiser’s neck. Mine is the 2008 model, and all I can say is that it’s really comfortable. It seems that the guys at Schecter addressed the thickness issue that earlier models had.
    * Many people wonder about the difference between 25.5 and 26.5 scales. My view on the topic: it’s not a big deal. I have small hands and it only took me a couple of days to get accustomed to it. Getting used to my 8 string Intrepid wasn’t that bad either (although there were some very-open chords that made me go “ouch!”).

    Well, I think that’s all I have to say for now. Hope it helps some fellow sevenstringers to choose their next axe!

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    wow dude, that was a great vid.


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      Fantastic, and I loved your Seether cover as well, so talented bro ... subscribed and shared. (/|\)
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        Quality stuff there mate, I'm pretty sure I'll end up getting a 7 string Schecter since I want something with a fixed bridge so I can put Hipshot Guitar X-tenders on the low E and B (for Drop D and Drop A). Probably go with a Hellraiser unless they release a Loomis lefty (pleasssssssssse!!!)

        Schecter USED to do bat-like 7 string necks but this was wayyyyy back when Jack Owen from Cannibal Corpse was using an Avenger (see Live Cannibalism DVD) and they hadn't released their Diamond/Blackjack/Hellraiser series. Old headstocks and stuff too.


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          great sound and great player
          the soldano sound is amasing


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            that was Killer, now lay down a Solo over that shit!!


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              Excellent man!
              John Settino
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                Welcome spambot!


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                  Great Video and I also hope to get a Schecter 7 string as well at some point I love the Schecter necks unlike so many people.

                  Oh and of course the fact that they support the left handed inclined.
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