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    OK. I currently play an Ibanez 5 string bass with the string spacing of 16.5mm. Love the neck. I purchased a G&L JB5 and ended up selling due to not liking the neck. My question, is there a luthier or a company that will make a 5 sting headless with a 16.5mm neck. I know Status does but they are not taking order due to attempting to fulfill their current orders. They typically do 18mm but will do a 17 or 16.5. Any suggestions would be helpful. I did visit the carvin warehouse and they necks were kinda bulky for my hands. Thanks

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    A Steinberger Spirit XT-25 or Hohner B2AV. They are spaced 0.64” (15.68mm) at the bridge and have a nut width of 1.625” (10.32mm string spacing at the nut).

    They are awesome basses for the money. You would save huge dollars over a Status or anything custom made, and still end up with a great instrument.
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