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Good morning from Texas!

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  • Good morning from Texas!

    Howdy, y'all! New to the forum, as I expect most folks are this early in the game. Hangin' here in Texas where the weather is fine most of the time and the women grow on trees. Been playing guitar since 1972, been in and out of many bands, tread on many stages and indulged in more self-abuse over the years than I care to remember (or can, for that matter!). Had a ton of gear come and go in the last 35 years.....Strats, Teles, Pauls, SGs, Firebirds and a host of others. Marshalls, Mesa Boogie, HiWatt, Carr, Fender, Matcheless and many other amps have served me well through the years. My first guitar was a 3/4 scale Harmony Stella that wasn't much more than a shoe box with strings drawn across it - terrible instrument! I've retired from live performance save the occasional open mic appearance and the only guitars I own now are a Gretsch 6120 Nashville and a Gibson Pre War SJ200 Western Classic. I plug the 6120 into an original 1962 Gretsch Playboy amp, model 6156, that's in showroom new condition. The Gibson sports a K&K Pure Western Mini pickup and gets hooked up to a Fishman Solo amp with very good results. I sang the lead in all my stage work, but I think my strength is my writing. Got a song to Sheryl Crow and it's under consideration to be included on a future session.....but I'm not holding my breath for that. My style tends toward country-rock, 50s-60s style pop these days, but I have written and played in many genres.

    I'm glad to see something devoted to us southpaws in this world! I hope I can contribute here......learn some things, teach some things.....keep on rockin' in the free world!
    Knowin' where you're goin' in mostly knowin' where you have been Me, from Me & Eddie

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    Good to have you here Buc...


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      welcome aboard!


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        Hey, Buc,

        Okay! A fellow Gretsch-head. We may be the only two here (for now, anyway).

        You may also want to participate at the Gretsch Pages discussion board -- there are a handful of us portsiders there and we're occasionally noisy.

        It's an excellent community.



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          "...woman grow on tress" I need to plant a couple of those out my way

          Welcome to the board,



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            hope to hear some of your stuff sometime, I might seem like some young metalhead but I'm very open to other genres and styles, welcome