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SwampKaster and G&L tribute series

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  • SwampKaster and G&L tribute series

    K,,,what is you opinion on either of these git's?...I was looking at the Bill Lawrence SwampKaster and don't know enough about how they play...and I love G&L...but the Tribute I know little about. i think they're a Korean and Indoesian made item.
    Not sure what they're like to play either. I've heard both, and they both sound compare those to a higher end Agile and what's the story?
    Thought it would be some good conversation if anything.

    I love G&L's American made stuff...and i'm pretty sure the SwampKaster is cut in Japan, and assembled in USA....other that that...let the discussions

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    Friend has a right handed G&L tribute tele. Great looking, sounding , and playing guitar.