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using a right hand guitar case for a lefty guitar?

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  • using a right hand guitar case for a lefty guitar?

    i play a lefty jazzmaster and ive always been searching for a hardcase with no success!
    just found this:

    its right handed though, does anyone use a righty case?
    if they do does it protect the guitar as well seen as though it's turned upside down?.


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    If you can't find a form fitting lefty case, you can pick up those generic cases that fit either lefty or righty. I would never force fit a lefty into a righty case by flipping the guitar upside down.

    Would something like this work? It will take almost any body style.



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      hard case

      yeah that looks like a better one, ill to keep my eye out over here in the uk.

      Its a pain even though my jazzmasters a top spec fender japan you don't get a hard case or a proper gig bag!



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        Fender sells them...but you'll need to special order it. Who knows how much that costs.

        As for those universal cases...I tried most of them at my local GC, and my Jazzmaster is WAAAAY too big.


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          I got a Schecter Omen 6 for my birthday last week and I have one of these universal cases and in my opinion I'd go for a lefty one based on the fact that my case is like 3 cms too short and I have to put it in on a slight angle.

          Oh its an Ibanez one I forgot to mention
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            Just get the Fender case. I plan on buy 2 for my jazzmasters in a few weeks
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              Sucks, don't it?! Go to the trouble to build lefthanded guitars but not a proper case - what are these folks thinking?! The only truly lefthanded guitar case I've ever owned was a Calton I ordered direct for a Gretsch the case and lift the guitar right into playing flipping it over first. Using righty cases does no harm to the instrument, it's just something we wrong-handers have to deal with.
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                I used to do that with Strats.....they're fairly balanced, and the Wilkinson bridge can be intonated properly.

                Otherwise? Eh, no thanks.