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So whos got Carvins?

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  • So whos got Carvins?

    I know theres gotta be some Carvin users here. I started work this week, so the new guitar saving has begun!

    I know I was hellbent on Edwards/Tokai, but I saw a purple Carvin C66, and fell in love.

    JUst wondering whos got em, and what ya got?

    I'm thinkin C66, purple on flame top/mahogany body, birdseye fb, and chrome Floyd rose...pretty basic build, comes out to around $1100.

    Only %20 to start build, figure I gotta save anyways, might aswell get it started

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    I have a DC200 stereo, a little too heavy for me (maple/maple neck through). Everything is top notch quality, though, definitely good guitar. Mine has the optional "strat body", which I think detracts from the aethetics as the DC body shape is quite sexy.

    Stock pickups are kick-ass, OFR always is a plus and a sweet ebony board with MOP inlays. String tension seems really high, though, can't figure that part out. Mine is strung with .09-.42's.


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      Had one...Many moons ago I had a DC150. Loved it but did some kind of trade with it. If I ever see that guitar again, it will come back home.


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        I have a Bolt + and I absolutely love it.I've had San Dimas Jacksons,new Jacksons and even a few Washburn N4's and I love this guitar best out of all of them.Mine has the jumbo stainless frets and bird's eye maple board with swamp ash body and original Floyd.For the price you really can't beat these guitars.Better wood,better components and better prices than the competion,nuff said! Hope this helps.



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          My Family Of Carvins

          I have 3 Carvin AE-185's, and I'm looking to snag a fourth. I have pictures of all 3 in an album that you can access by looking up my profile here. My number 4 Carvin will have a walnut top. The AE-185's are some of the most amazing guitars I've ever owned. Top end construction, feel, sound, and mojo. Try WON'T be disappointed! Easily in the same league as my Gibsons and Fenders......and at a FRACTION of the cost. Truly one of the lefty guitar worlds' best kept secrets!!


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            Have a carvin bass.


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              I don't own one but a friend of mine purchased one a couple weeks ago. $1800. Today he dropped it off for me to play for a week or two. I gave him my Fender Tele in exchange. I'm not a Carvin guy but this thing was custom made to his specs and looks kind of like a Les Paul. It's the lightest solid body guitar that I have ever played. It also is the easiest guitar that I have ever played. Bar none, and I've played a bunch. It sounds truely sweet. It's comfortable and when I play this thing I find myself letting go in ways that I just don't with my Tele, Epiphone Les Paul or any of the other that I own. If this one is indicative of what they offer you will be very pleased with your purchase, if and when you get one. Like I said, I'm not a Carvin guy but I probably will be soon.
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                I am actually considering a Carvin guitar now that they are putting floyds on leftys.


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                  This was my C66 - Sold it and regretted it ever since...


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                    I own DC400. When I bought it had wilkinson trem and one carvin and one vintage gibson T-top pickup. I installed OFR and J.Petrucci dimarzio set - D-sonic and Air norton. Also added locking nut. Now it's a perfect one for fast modern rocking. doesn't go out of tune no matter how hard I pull the bar.
                    The only one I like better is California Carved top model which is more or less like PRS style while DC is flat body. Anyway, my DC reminds me Ibanez RG series a little bit, in terms of overall comfort and playability.
                    Here's how it looks:
                    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1974
                    Warmoth Strat
                    Musicman Axis Supersport
                    Yamaha APX700
                    Lootnick Custom Telebiker
                    Eleven Rack
                    Reussengehn 2x50W
                    FCB 1010
                    Laney 2x12
                    Rivera Knucklehead
                    Rivera 2x12


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                      I've been looking at Carvins a little bit lately. I'm usually more into the classic looking guitars, but Carvins seem to offer a great looking guitar that is a great workhorse. Does Carvin offer everything left handed?


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                        Most of their stuff can be ordered lefty. However, I know some of the reissues like the star and V shapes are right hand only.
                        I like pointy guitars.