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Anyone interested in a lefty Ibanez 7 string?

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  • Anyone interested in a lefty Ibanez 7 string?

    I am! I think we need to get a petition going or something and send it to Ibanez. I have been asking them for years to re-release the RG7420L. Maybe they could make a lefty universe or a RG1077XL or something.

    If that doesn't work do any of you know any good Ibanez copy cat companies that would make a lefty 7 string to nearly the same specs? I don't know if a lefty 7 string floyd trem would work because of the neck radii that Ibanez uses.

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    I'd be scared to ask Ibanez.

    the customer rep would probably be like

    "A want a WHAT?! WE just freakin made you JEM AND a Satriani, well we even finally make a non black RG!, and you want a 7 string? JESUS christ you people will never be happy! SHUT DOWN THE LEFTY MACHINE!, screw those bastards!"

    sorry, maybe alittle overdramatic. I wonder if Raven west would do a lefty 7 string, they are the closet lefty friendly guitar make I know of to Ibanez. Hell atleast with them it'd be neckthru, and have an ebony fretboard. And I betcha not black!


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      Not me, I haven't grown enough fingers to play one of those...


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        If I'm going 7 string I'm getting one of these...


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          Okay, that is awesome! I never wanted a 7 string..or a tele

          But I'd love to bust that out at a red dirt show and watch the reactions


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            LOL ... yea never saw one of those before ..
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              have you looked at emperion guitars?


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                how about one like this?
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                  Originally posted by kryho View Post
                  how about one like this?