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Possible new source for reasonably priced guitars

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  • Possible new source for reasonably priced guitars

    Some of the guys over at the Agile Forum came across these guys. Seems that they offer guitars comperable to Rondo Music and priced about the same. At present there are no lefties offered. But we are doing something about that. A few guys wrote and requested some lefty offerings. I then wrote to them and did the same. The first guys got a response that said they only had what was on the site available. My letter got a better response. Here's the response that I received.

    "A member of our staff, Maciek, is currently in China for trade fairs and to
    meet with our current Guitar manufacturers. I will pass this along to get
    some leftys in here for you and your friends.

    Thank you for the suggestion.


    Thank you,"

    So, have a look and if there might be some interest why not write to them and let them know that you are a lefty with interest in their products. If you are not interested it will still be an interesting site to look around. Here's the address.

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    Thanks for that Bob. Is that the Canadian company that was talked about on AGF? I was looking at their goldtop and the 'White Falcon"-esque hollow body. How in h... do they produce guitars at this price?
    I just shot them an email to ask if and which guitars will be available LH and if there's gonna be an upcharge. If that Gretschy looking one and the goldtop will be available LH at those prices I expect to be on the couch a couple nights
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    va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
    Originally posted by chilton
    Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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      Yeah these prices are nuts...I'm going to send them an e-mail to let them know another lefty is interested.

      That may be the sickest cherry burst I have ever seen. a little bit further and turns out that's made out of Basswood.

      Never thought about Basswood for a LP before...interesting.
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        One of the guys over at AGF found these listings for the phone number doing a reverse look up. It seems that they are in Indiana. Some of the guys are also purchasing from them. Others already have. We are awaiting the reviews. From what has been said, the company is an honest group. The quality of the instruments is a mixed bag at the moment. SOme were returned and an equal number were reviewed as good. I'll keep you informed as the reveiws come in. Below are the addresses and numbers just to show you where they are located.

        A Johnson
        1731 Tecumseh St
        Fort Wayne, IN 46805
        (260) 422-9221

        Autumn M Ray
        1731 Tecumseh St
        Fort Wayne, IN 46805
        (260) 422-9221

        Autumn M Johnson
        4022 Turf Ln
        Fort Wayne, IN 46804
        (260) 422-9221


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          I don't think I could trust an archtop at that price. A strat or LP, okay. Cut 'em and paint 'em. Easy enough. But with the archtops come all kinds of structural concerns and the cuts need to be much more precise.
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