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  • Could use a little help

    Got this new Epi S-600 and it is missing a few parts.

    I have never had a Floyd Rose type of bridge/nut setup in my life so I don't have a clue regarding on where to go for parts.

    I stopped by a local shop yesterday and to say they weren't helpful would be an understatement. Basically heard don't have the parts can't help you, bye bye.

    I know that I need the 3 nut blocks, but FR blocks won't fit. Tried them at the shop. Also need the screw, but I don't think that's a biggie.

    I'd also like to see if I can get a Tremolo bar and the parts required to fix it.

    If anyone has info on what manufacturer's products would work on an EPI, please help me.


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    Check out this link ...

    Looks like Steinberger parts may be on yours.


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      I might have to look at Steinberger for the parts. I think the only difference between the 600 and 800 is the coil tap. Mine doesn't have it and I know it's a 600 as it still has the sticker on the neck.

      I have found out the hardware was made by "Bennder", yep that's right....never heard of them before today. Plus there doesn't seem to be any available info out there on them.

      Oh well, the search for obscure items is always fun.

      Thanks for the info.


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        I used to have a tremelo like that on my old BC Rich Warlock. I wonder if you could retro fit that with a Kahler hybrid or an Origanal Floyd Rose? The nut looks similar to a Kahler nut, but you could always use a Floyd nut as well.