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just dinged my RR1!

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  • just dinged my RR1!

    UGHHHH! so bummed.

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    Originally posted by TheHeroCycle View Post
    UGHHHH! so bummed.
    Oh DAMN! That really sucks! That is my worst nightmare with every guitar, especially a pointy v.
    Go Jackson


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      Is it bad? Hope not. Not through the finish? I can't find the thread right now but I once read of someone who filled a couple dings that went through the paint with a clear transparent substance. Don't remember if it was a resin or a poly thing, all I remember it was a pointy type guitar (you get them from Dean) and it was black. After, the dings were hardly visible.
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      va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
      Originally posted by chilton
      Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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        pointy guitars are dangerous, but worth it. My condolences. Feel free to mail it to me, as you surely have no need for it anymore...