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    Can anyone tell me where you can buy quality left hand potentiometers? I want to put new electronics and pick-ups in my Epi Dot. Does anyone have any suggestions what kind of pups I should buy?

  • #2 now carry left hand CTS pots and are really good quality. I have personally used them.
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      I might just be really wrong on this but . . . . they spin the other way, of you reverse the wires.

      The #1 position (or leftside) lead is commonly used as ground. The #2 (or center) lead is the "line out" that is having volume, or output controlled). And the #3 lead (or the one on the right) is the "line in".

      #2 (or the center) remains as the line out.
      #1 (the one on the left) becomes the line in.
      #3 (the one on the right) leads out to ground.

      Voila!!! A feft handed pot.

      I really could be wrong on all this. But if you google potentiometers and the word CW and CCW you will come up with the same info.

      CW being the convention for referring to clock-wise, and CCW being counter-clock-wise.

      So you not looking for a left handed pot. You desire to have your pot read 0 when turned to it's extreme CW (clockwise) position. And to increase as it is rotated in a CCW manner.

      As a matter of convention, most pots, in whatever the application, such as the volume control on your car radio, are set to rotate CW, as by convention, most people expect the spin to be in that direction. It is a matter of what lead is grounded, and what lead is the line in. Swap it, and you swap the direction.

      But if the pots go the other way, it is useless if the numbers still go the same (old) direction. Correct? You would need to swap to a chicken head knob instead.

      On my vintage guitars they spin the "wrong" way (lefty), but the knobs are carousel with a pointer, and not numbered.
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        cant you just use righty pots, i mean it wont matter will it? when your guitar is all the way up the knob will be a 0 instead of 10,i mean idk if im right but it wouldnt bother me.
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          I think it may have something to do with the taper of the pot. Audio (Log) pots have a have a curve in the band. So flipping the wires I'd figure wouldn't work. Well, it would, but it would defeat the purpose of the Log curve. The taper is there to work with human hearing. So the change in the volume sounds like a change in volume.

          Here is a good article on Pot tapers. I haven't had a chance to sit down, and fully read it myself. I most likely should before babbling though...Oh well...


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            The taper has to do with the "space" of the increments of a turn of an "audio/volume control" pot, vs the increments of a pot that would control voltage or what not.

            A voltage pot is even increments.
            An volume pot gets "shorter" in the increments as it increases.
            Changing the leads still has taper. It is just set to increase as it is rotated in a CCW motion, and not a CW motion.

            And yes. In general, nobody will ever notice being different on your guitar.

            I don't think that any right hander has ever noticed it if they have picked up a guitar of mine to fart around with.

            They either hold it lefty and and ask "duhhhhhhhh, how do you play this way?" as they move their left hand like a club with no rhythm.

            Or they hold it righty, and make chord forms on the wrong string. and then say: "duhhhhhhhh, how do you play this way?"

            Or they even then contort their hand to try and find where a chord is, and how to form it, of course as they say: . . . . . "duhhhhhhhh, how do you play this way?"

            At which point I will pick up their right handed guitar, hold it lefty, form chords (upsidedown) on their whacked strings, and even reverse the strum so it does not sound "odd" to them.

            Then hand it back, and say: "don't know. must be impossible to play that way. Why don't you give it a try?"

            They never even make it to the volume.

            If you want some real fun, hand them a non-symmetrical instrument.

            Handing them my lefty 5-string banjo can be hours of enjoyment on it's own.


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              Hi everyone...first post here

              Of the half-dozen or so lefty guitars I've seen the insides of, including a couple low-end Fenders, they use standard ("righty") log pots wired backwards. To me this makes the guitar's electronics nothing more than decoration as they hardly function until the end of their range and then suddenly squash the signal. This is really notcable on tone controls which will act like an on-off switch when wired backwards.

              Left-handed pots will make a huge difference in how your controls respond, it'll be like night and day especially with a good amp where you'll actually get to use your guitar's controls to dynamically alter your sound.

              Actually what I did in my current guitar was simply rewire the righty pots correctly (as in right handed). It's a quick no-cost mod that dramatically changes the abilities of your guitar. Plus it makes "10" the loud end of the knobs instead of "1", lol.


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                What SwamperGene said. My '78 lefty Strat has CW controls and they operate correctly. My new '08 lefty Tele, although it sounds and looks great, had CCW controls which messed me up big-time since I was so used to my Strat. I also noticed that they didn't operate correctly, so I rewired them and voila, now they turn in the "right" direction and actually work properly.

                Edit: just fyi, the Tele is not low-end, it's the American Standard. Very happy with it now that the controls are fixed. No other complaints whatever.


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                  I'm in the middle of upgrading all of mine to right handed pots. Lefty pots are nice, but sometimes it's better just to have the ability to go the local music store or a Radio Shack in the event of an emergency and just get the pot without fussing or worrying about it.