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Original Floyd rose doesnt fit in edge 3 pocket!!!!

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  • Original Floyd rose doesnt fit in edge 3 pocket!!!!

    ok so i ordered an OFR form Warmoth(awsome company)yesterday and installed it.I was told the OFR would fit in the pocket of the Edge 3,but not quite.I had to get the dremel out and take about a good 2-3cm out of the pocket.After doing this, i dropped right in But....the string lock screws were hitting the back off the reccess so had to dremel just the paint off to get those to fit.

    I will have pics up later today to show what i had to do.
    Marshall AVT Valvestate 200(275watt)

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    you're quite handy I see, can't wait to see the pictures.


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      It is scary to do isn't it. I put a Roland internal synth driver in my strat and I had to dremel out a big hole in the side to install the 13 pin connector. Everything worked and wasn't as big of deal as it looked like when I started. You just have to think about what your doing and take your time doing it.