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    hi everyone,new member here.The name is Brian but call me slagg.I would have been here sooner but did'nt know this site was here.I've been a working guitarist for over 30 years,and have just resently found myself bandless!That won't last long I asure you that.Anyway happy to be here,cheers everyone,slagg..

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    Greetings, post pics of your gear (if you haven't already)!


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      Welcome to the board slagg! What music do you play? Do we know any of the bands you worked with?
      va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
      Originally posted by chilton
      Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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        from me also Slagg, welcome to the board. I hope our discussions and stuff interest you to stick around for a long time...

        This board is small now, but someday we hope it will attract quite an assortment of lefty's.
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          Wellcome to the forum Slagg. Any cool, unnatural or weird guitars in your
          closet? Pics please (Where is that drooling Smilie??!!!)
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