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    Hello everyone.

    I'm a lefty who has been playing on-and-off for the past 15 years, though my skill level plateaued at a very rudimentary level around 10 years ago. With the style of music I like to play, however, that's not a problem (more on that in a minute).

    I bought my first guitar in college (a righty 1966 Guild S-50 Jetstar that I had modified to play lefty), and got an acoustic (1997 Seagull S6 cedar top dreadnaught) a few years later. I don't think the Guild was converted to play lefty very well, so I don't find myself playing it as much as my born-lefty Seagull. In fact, last year I picked up a second Godin lefty acoustic -- an Art & Lutherie dreadnaught -- because the Seagull's neck was a bit too wide for my hands, and I mostly play variations on barre chords.

    That gets me up to the present. My playing is fairly rudimentary, but the music I am most attracted to and try to emulate is somewhat rudimentary as well. I listen mostly to indie/90s alternative music, as well as some power-pop classic rock (Beatles, Velvet Underground, Big Star, Jonathan Richman, Kinks). My favorite electric guitar style/tone comes from acts like the Pixies, Breeders, Guided By Voices, PJ Harvey, Strokes, etc.

    Planning to get my first new electric in 15 years real soon: an Agile AL-2000 Goldtop w/P90s.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    And thanks to Olav for introducing me to this place!

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    Hi Blanket, welcome to the LGTf. Hope you'll enjoy your stay as much as you seemed to do over at AGF. Still; welcome HOME now buddy!
    About getting your first new guitar since 15 yrs; be warned! I was there two years ago. I now own 4 'new' guitars. If and when you get yourself that GT, be sure to post a heap 'o' pics.
    va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
    Originally posted by chilton
    Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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      Welcome Blanket... Don't worry about your playing skills, I'm very rudimentary also. I play for my own relaxation and enjoyment.

      You will find a very diverse group here.

      Hey Olav: when are you going to ask the boss for a raise??? With the recruiting you're doing, you should be getting at least 20% off the top... Let see, 20% of nothing is!!!!!


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        Well, I don't usually make blanket statements , but welcome on behalf of all of us!!!


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          Welcome and enjoy~!
          Can't wait to see some gold-top come out of one of your posts one day soon
          P.S. Guilty of liking too many types of music including 80's indie rock ..
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            and the same from one of the lefty bassplyers in the group
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