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Greeting fellow Lefty's

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  • Greeting fellow Lefty's

    Hi everyone I'm Mike a lurker, but now a poster

    I play lefty most of the time inverted like Jim Haslep, but on my righty basses.

    however I DO own a lefty bass:

    it has a righty neck off one of my other basses so I wouldn't have to reverse the nut on the lefty neck. ( LAZY ) --hahaha
    Resident Charvel/Jackson Freak

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    Hey Mike, welcome to the posting side of things. Glad you made the switch.


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      thanks Jesse, I would post pics of my ton of basses I have, but they "kinda" do not fit the theme of this board since they are all right handed strung right handed. I just play em Haslep style
      Resident Charvel/Jackson Freak


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        Hey man I'm from Pittsburgh too. My band is playing a show at altar bar on Sunday night, battle of the bands style. BOTBs are lame but we'll probably go on last and win and it'll be the largest crowd we've ever had. I advise all in pittsburgh to come check it out.


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          nice... I sent you a PM about your band stuff......if you all were 1st at the Alter, I would come on down for sure....
          Resident Charvel/Jackson Freak


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            Hi Mike ...
            Customize your profile header


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              Hi Mike, welcome, Mike

              PS: Mr. Bassment, looking at your avatar, it looks like the last joint you played at was a bit rough...


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                Hi there Mike, welcome to the forum. Good to see more posters.
                va' sa' du? va' hete' du?
                Originally posted by chilton
                Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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                  thank you olav,Bob,crawdaddy and anyone else who says hi. I just realized that I have been a member for a YEAR to the month, and just now I'm posting --must have been JESSE's message

                  since a customary picture is due, here IS the flock of basses I keep in the house...( can you tell I like Jackson basses? )yep, all righthanded, but I play each and every one of them inverted. Most of them have had the strap pins moved off the horn so I can reach up past the 12th fret.
                  Resident Charvel/Jackson Freak



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                    holy SHIT you have a lot of right-handed basses!


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                      see Jesse, I told you the pic was not "appropriate" for this board

                      however, I always used this tactic about flipping basses...

                      there are quite a lot of righthander players out here --check
                      jackson made very very few leftys -- check
                      no way in hell would I buy "garbage" leftys just to have them -- check
                      righthanded guitars are WAY easier to resell -- doublecheck
                      I NEVER had an issue jamming on them in any band despite the weird look --check

                      I get the "how can you play that way thing that way" all the time.

                      I have a ton of covers on youtube from metal to motown playing them, BUT if you must see a video playing my REAL lefty with the Estring on top ----

                      here's one:
                      Resident Charvel/Jackson Freak