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  • PM Spambots: PLEASE READ

    Ok, I am researching this new trend and coming up flat. Turns out spammers have realized that sites like this are requiring actual contact with the new member to allow them to start posting (we require a PM to me to get truly activated). Instead, they send out bots that register and then immediately send out PM's to members with links in them.

    As such, there is no easy fix to this. If I make a post limit to send PM's, then new members won't be able to contact me to get activated. If I limit registrations, then we'll never grow.

    For now, please DISREGARD ANY PM's FROM PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW WITH LINKS IN THEM. If any mod/admin here has something to say to everyone it will come in a mass email or a post on the board. I do not have the time nor inclination to send pm's to everyone.

    I will keep looking for better ways to fight spam, but right now we're playing catch up versus the spambot army.

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    Wellcome to the Matrix bro!!
    "NO, I don't build left handed guitars! I think left handed people are freaks and should not even play the guitar."

    Words by a famous luthier when asked by me for a custom left handed instrument quote.

    "Great man, you are brilliant! So your stupid ass thinks that Hendrix should have never played the guitar?!"

    My reply.


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      I will alert you to any funny stuff that may come my way ASAP .


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        How goes the war? I had to shut my one site down, while I learn the fine art of securing a Wikimedia server.

        Wayne aka The Mad Hatter


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          Hopefully this will help shed some light on the matter.

          I recieve a number of PM's every now and again, generally from someone with only a first name, claiming to be from Spain and trying to get me to email them on a gmail account. Their gmail address will usually consist of some random word with a series of numbers

          I have had the same issue on as well and it only happens when a guitar of mine is up for trade or sale.

          I have had this happen for a while on both forums and the only thing i've done so far is call them out on it. I will message back stating that business will not happen without a particular group of photos of different parts of the guitar. Only viewable on photobucket (i have literally probably seen every available pic online of the RG7420L, what made it better was on when they tried to use a picture of me holding one i owned to sell me a guitar) so I can verify it and only if they keep it on the forum site with PM'so no viruses and if they are happy to send their guitar to me first and i recieve it. I then apologise on the off chance they may be legit and leave it at that. My main aim for doing this is eventually they will get bored of trying it if they keep getting called out?

          But the most important part being the first section of this post.

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            The newest member, Williem, sent me two of these tonight:
            I am Willem from Spain..Are you still interested?let me know and i will email you pictures and details..
            Email; [email protected]
            direct mailbox will be appreciated
            thanks and hope to hear from you soon

            I refuse to reply because this guy just registered and I don't want a virus or something.
            Originally posted by metalchurch
            Im all over this like a fat bitch grabbin the last slice of pizza.


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              I got one today from willem in spain too, if I want his SG & to reply only to his direct mailbox, yeah right I told him via the leftytrader message box to put it up for sale on the forums for sale section if he wants to sell it. I wont reply from my email address even though I have a ghost email for people like that I prefer not to, maybe not a scammer but I am not taking chance.
              I had a guitar for sale on Gumtree Aust I made mistake of putting my mobile phone number with ad & I kept getting text messages from some nut he reckons he has just moved to England & wants my friggin KH-202 as none available there. "Oh yes I believe you Dude"
              He says give me your bank details I will transfer the full amount plus $300 for shipping. Yes dude I was born yesterday!!


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                Thanks for the heads up fellows. You handled this the way you should. Do NOT reply to these messages by email.
                In this case the IP showed [willem] being from Nigeria instead of Spain. What this member is doing is fishing for your details.
                Next time a message like this comes into your PM box, just hit the Report button (the little triangle with an exclamation mark in it) and fill out the dialog box. That way an email goes out to all Admins and Mods (Jesse, Ben and me) instantly. This way we might react to a situation sooner and prevent more messages from being sent.
                Mind you; the Report button should only be used to let Admins and Mods know about SPAM, fishing or members at eachothers throats.
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                Originally posted by chilton
                Unfortunately I've got all the guitars I need at the moment.


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                  I had a new member pm me about my Jackson Rhoads asking for my paypal info, etc... I stated that I do not have a paypal account, and I deal with US Postal Money Orders only for the time being...
                  All was good, i thought....then I didnt hear back from him.
                  Then I get another pm from that person concerning the very same thing (my paypal), I re-iterated what I said to him prior in my pm. I never made the correlation that it could very possibly be a spambot.
                  I'm not saying that person is or isnt, and i'm not posting to out anyone, but my suspicions lead me to believe that I'm experiencing some of the same issues that some of you other guys are going through.

                  I'll be more than happy to pm Bene or Olav the member's name if they wish to do some investigating.
                  In the future, I will be sure to contact Bene,Olav,Jesse asap, which if we all did that, it might very well quelch the situation before it has the potential to get worse...

                  +1 to the mods for keeping our playground clean and looking after us, so I will most certainly try my best to help those guys' job go alot smoother. Did I ever mention that I absolutely love this forum and all my buddies on here? Well I truly do!!
                  We're non-profit.
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                    My suggestion, Joe, go ahead and let us know whenever you feel suspicious of that kind of thing. Feel free to forward us the content of the message, and the members name so we can run their IP address against the spam register. There are bound to be bots that we miss, so the more you guys inform us of, the more we can keep this place clean


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                      Thanks buddy. I'll send you a pm with a link in a few momentos
                      We're non-profit.
                      Hey, are you gonna eat that?