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  • Carvin V3M Tube Recommendations

    Hello All!

    I currently have a V3M by Carvin and am curious about unlocking some further tones and some more specific sounds as well.

    Here is the stock tube array

    If I wanted to have a real punchy, and glassy clean, a smooth break-up for some bluesy stuff, and a more overall defined driven tone, what would be some recipes people would think? As far as heavy heavy tones, I don't play that genre so much any longer, and that can always be supplemented with good effects as well.

    Little background to the ask. I had a house fire wipe out my gear and with it, a ton of amps. Ultimately I went with a V3M to sort of, jack of all trades my requirements. However, now I am really missing my fender cleans, and driving that clean channel into a good rock tone. Short of going out and buying a replacement Fender, I'd like to fool with the V3M as it's really a capable amp and I can keep in the house volume levels while still driving the front end.

    If anyone has some advice to share, or a resource to point me in the proper direction, I would really appreciate it. I am coming off of almost a decade of inactivity on the strings due to losing heart. But am ready to come back!

    Thank you, crew!